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Learn more about our garden maintenance service in Mayo. Get in touch with us anytime we offer free price estimates for any task and can typically be set up within a 24hrs notice. 


Our maintenance crew at Mayo Tree Services also service the following areas:

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trimmed and shaped plants and cut grass garden

If you have a considerable number of shrubs, unnecessary plants, or an overgrown unattractive backyard, it will taint the look and long-term worth of your house. Our garden services and landscaping team will return your garden to excellent condition and can prepare the area for a more intensive landscaping project. We have significant experience and expertise in environmentally friendly gardening techniques and recycle all our waste into compost and will make sure that whatever we remove and dispose of is placed into the correct waste collection network through a licensed waste service provider or upcycled whenever possible.


For larger site and garden services, we can offer our commercial landscaping crew. Our site & garden clearing service providers help make sure that rodents are kept to a minimum and that the land is maintained to a high standard of environmental health. Usually, we can organize to clear your garden or site within 24 hours. For  industrial maintenance jobs that need an entire team, please allow a 48hrs advance notice.


cut grass in a pattern and raised flowerbeds

Affordable Gardening Services & Landscaping in Mayo

We provide our garden services workers with all the PPE and expert tools to remove unnecessary and hazardous organic materials from the domestic or commercial clients property's they work on

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Fast Response

As we are a local company in Co.Mayo. We can arrive to any tree care job or gardening project within 24hrs.

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Top Skills

Our gardening experts are some of the most skilled in the industry. Boasting over 20 years experience.

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Superior Finish

We standby our workmanship and attention to detail, you won't find a better finish on any tree or garden service.

affordable rates for garden services Castlebar

Being a local tree company means we can keep our rates low and stay competitive as we can arrive to jobs quickly.

Why Should You Look After Your Garden?

Gardens may also become a source of disposal for trash. These locations will entice rats, insects, and fungus, causing an uninviting look and a dirty feel in your garden. Keeping a big mess in your garden will also dramatically decrease the value of your home.

Contact Our Garden & Landscaping Experts

Booking a maintenance job on your garden with us and the specialists here at Mayo Tree Services will guarantee we return your garden to its previous magnificence quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Allowing you to take back ownership and be proud of it again.