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Once you book a service with us, our crew of experienced tree surgeons will come to your property to evaluate the job, we will perform an in-depth assessment of any trees and the surrounding land. We will detail the full cost prior to any work being performed. We are the tried and tested knowledgeable tree surgeons in Castlebar. There’s no job too large or too small that we can’t take on.

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"Celebrating 20 Years of Experience in Tree Surgery"

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Having a crew of experienced employees and tree surgeons means that every tree service is completed to the highest standard. We use professional modern arborist equipment and have gained experience in all forms of tree surgery. From pruning small seedlings to cutting large oak trees down, we cover everything in Co.Mayo. 


We are the tried and tested expert tree surgeons in Castlebar. We are also committed to exceptional customer service and believe that every job with a client should really be performed as if they were our next-door neighbour. Calling in a tree surgeon from our company will have the job completed in a safe and efficient manner. We do jobs THE RIGHT WAY THE FIRST TIME, and that’s a promise!


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Fastest Work

We are proud to be some of the fastest first responders in Castlebar.

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Highly Skilled

Our tree surgeon and gardeners are trained to Industry Leading standards.

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Top Quality

Every tree care job that's booked in with us receives a superior top quality finish.

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We are a local tree & garden company this allows us to keep our rates low.

We Specialise in Tree Surgery Techniques

These particular methods enable us to extend the life of your trees and ensure they remain in optimal health and condition.


Dead Wooding

Dead Wooding is the extraction of dead or dying branches. This service is performed to prevent weak branches from falling off during the course of bad weather conditions or to prevent illness like wood root or the allure of bugs.

Crown Lifting

The procedure of crown lifting consists of increasing the clearance zone beneath a tree. Usually this is performed where pedestrians need easy access below. Crown lifting is in addition a approach for lowering the mass of a tree and enabling more light below.

Crown Thinning

This technique entails lowering the total mass and thickness of the branches of trees. Crown thinning reductions wind resistance and storm damage potential. The thinning of the tree crown reduces the weight of each main branch by a knowledgeable expert and guarantees that the tree stays strong and stable.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction entails decreasing the spread of the external part of the branches which decreases the tree’s overall size. Ideally, all cuts ought to be made to a bud or primary branch so that the tree can heal as quickly as possible.

Stump Grinding

Typically, the final stage of tree surgery is stump grinding. Stumps are cut by a tree surgeon in order to avoid root and fungal diseases. Learn more about our stump removal procedure.


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When we were kids we would walk through the forest near our home, we were often struck with awe paying attention to the living and breathing of the trees as they flowed in the wind, in comparison we would be struck with shock and froze in place when he would hear a branch break or fall from a tree in the distance. This appreciation and respect of the forest and nature is something we try to maintain and live through our services. We have always grown up being around trees and nature. Our mission is to help educate the public and continue to establish our tree services in Castlebar & Mayo in order to keep protecting and maintaining our beautiful environment.