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Our Tree Cutting Experts Can be Arranged Within 24hrs

We deliver the most experienced tree cutting service in the industry. We are expert tree cutters and are fully insured and trained to industry leading standards.

Mayo Tree Services provide affordable tree cutting services in the following locations:

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The field of Arboriculture is defined as the care, management and study of hard-wood trees, hedges and perennial plants.

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We use and operate modern high precision equipment when cutting down trees (high power cutting tools, high lifting wedges, pulleys, rigs, cranes) and our belief is that a skilled craftsman is only as good as the tools they operate and when their tools are kept in optimal condition. To ensure that any tree cutting service is performed with high precision and attention to detail, we keep our tools well serviced regularly and inspected for optimal condition.


In modern times the majority of tree cutting procedures are carried out with power tools like chain saws or electric-powered saws. In older days, axes would have been the tools of choice where an Arborist or Lumberjack would fell a tree using specific manual cuts like a bore-cut in a tree, this would then cause the natural centre of gravity to fall on the rear cut and result in the tree falling down in a pre-determined way, safely way from people or property

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Our Experts Can Manage All Types of Tree Cutting

Our team operate to the greatest H&S requirements for tree cutting in the industry and have all of the required equipment, training and experience in our grasp to ensure safe and efficient tree cutting services.

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Fast Response

As we are a local company in Co.Mayo. We can arrive to any tree care job or gardening project within 24hrs.

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Top Skills

Our local tree doctors are some of the most skilled in the industry. Boasting over 20 years experience.

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Superior Finish

We standby our workmanship and attention to detail, you won't find a better finish on any tree or garden service.

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Being a local tree company means we can keep our rates low and stay competitive as we can arrive to jobs quickly.

Specialist Tree Cutting Techniques

Back Pulling

This includes cutting a tree versus its natural lean which can be used to cut a tree far from a home. Back-pulling is normally brought out using a winch system to manage the tree at it’s upper portion, managing its fall.

Tree Driving

Tree Driving is a tree cutting method completed in a certain way and angle which makes a tree fall directly onto another tree bringing both of them down to the ground. Typically tree driving is used in a forestry environment where there is a large density of trees and a minimal risk of damage to person and property.


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