Quick & Convenient Tree Stump Removals

We Will Certainly Remove All Tree Stumps

Our advanced tree stump removal care is offered to remove any unsightly looking stumps and avoid damage caused by fungal invasions or by swallowing of the land around the stump.

Mayo Tree Services provide tree stump grinding services in the following areas:

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Tree Stump Removal consists of the grinding or removal of a stump from an area. Grinding a stump's surface area under the topsoil enables an area to be replanted and lowers the opportunity of fungus rot or disease outbreak.

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The stump grinding machine we use helps us to get into tight areas and right around walls and garden limits. We use panel guards and barriers to secure wood chips in a centralized location and reduce mess. Most of our clients use these wood chips as they can be recycled in other places in their back garden as fertilizers.

Normally it is more economical to grind the stumps than to cut them from their root system, as stumps typically can be removed by 1 or 2 people. Stump removal can be a hazardous and long process without the right strategies. Contact us as soon as possible if you require tree stump removal.

tree stump broken and removed from the ground with roots

Advantages of Tree Stump Removal

Advantages of tree stump removal, The whole stump is drawn out and processed, The wood chips can be used as a fertilizer in your garden, Recover your garden/land use, Economical and quick removal, Does not use harmful chemical agents

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Fast Response

As we are a local company in Co.Mayo. We can arrive to any tree care job or gardening project within 24hrs.

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Top Skills

Our local tree doctors are some of the most skilled in the industry. Boasting over 20 years experience.

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Superior Finish

We standby our workmanship and attention to detail, you won't find a better finish on any tree or garden service.

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Being a local tree company means we can keep our rates low and stay competitive as we can arrive to jobs quickly.

We Can Remove All Types of Tree Stumps

Expert Tree Stump Removals

Get in touch immediately. We have a few of the market’s best tools to smoothly and efficiently get rid of any tree stumps. Within an hour, most tree stumps can be cleared away.

We Can Manage All Stumps

Once the stump is extracted, it will not develop once again. Willow trees are known to send out the odd shoot out from deep beneath the soil, this can smoothly be controlled.

Contact Our Stump Remover Crew

We can give a quotation just by looking at the size and shape of the tree stump. Send us some information and a picture of the stump and we will send you a quote within 24 hours to book in a tree stump planned extraction.