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Select a date and time that’s most suitable for you, after that we will plan the job in immediately and let you know the earliest time we can come and visit. If left to grow without maintenance hedges and bushes will become overgrown and unpleasant looking, at times they can be too challenging to access, or too large to be effectively cut down without expert hedge trimming equipment.

Mayo Tree Services cover all areas between the following locations:

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Our professional hedge trimming service will trim any hedges you have to your preferred size and look, in a way that the hedge and its primary branches are not damaged. We will also take particular care and caution not to bother the nests of birds within.

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Our professional team are trained up to industry-leading standards and have learnt the effective ways to trim hedges properly. We also emphasize when our personnel are being trained in is health and safety in the workplace and the proper operation and control of the tools they will be handling within their working environment which includes any specialist hedge pruning or trimming equipment they will need to use. At Mayo Tree Services our main concern health and wellbeing of our personnel, our consumers, the general public, and the environment.


We understand that all bushes, shrubs, and hedges are unique and it is important to cut them with care. We generally use hand clippers or powered hedgerow cutting equipment to reach finer and more attractive looking finishing elements. We have ample experience in trimming hedges to a high level, beautifully hand-crafted bushes, and industrial hedge-rows. The accuracy and quality of our hedge trimming is inspected by our qualified Arborists. If you want to learn for yourself our workers can share some tips and tricks on how to trim overgrown hedges, so you can do it next time yourself!

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We Can Trim & Cut All Species of Hedges

Contact us for a FREE HEDGE TRIMMING ESTIMATE. We are confident we can offer the best rate for any hedge cutting projects. Since we are a local company we can keep expenses to a minimum and not have excessive fuel and transport expenses which result in low expenses and benefit for our consumers and the environment.

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Fast Response

As we are a local company in Co.Mayo. We can arrive to any hedgecutting job or gardening project within 24hrs.

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Top Skills

Our local tree doctors are some of the most skilled in the industry. Boasting over 20 years experience.

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Superior Finish

We standby our workmanship and attention to detail, you won't find a better finish on any tree or garden service.

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Being a local tree company means we can keep our rates low and stay competitive as we can arrive to jobs quickly.

Affordable Rates on our Hedge Trimming Services

We offer very affordable rates and benefits for consumers who book two services or more with us. If you need any hedge trimming or tree services then please call us! We ‘d be happy to suggest and advise suitable services and how can we can get the best look you’re trying to achieve in your garden.

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We provide professional hedge cutting services to achieve your desired look and appearance for your garden, our team will ensure that the hedge and any primary branches are not damaged when they are cut. Give us a call or fill our our contact form and we will respiond to your request within 24hrs.