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We are local Tree Removal experts in Castlebar. We do not like to propose cutting or removing trees as a first option for every type of job we get called to do. Nonetheless, it’s good practice to fully remove a tree if it’s deemed to cause further damage down the line, particularly if it is danger to the public or a property. Our team cover both residential and commercial removal of trees.


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Tree care is necessary when a tree becomes damaged, starts to die, blocks accessibility to the general public or even when it blocks light from penetrating beneath. Removing a tree is a risky procedure. As such a risk assessment and an examination must be performed first in order to plan and cut any problematic trees properly. It is very important to carry out a site assessment beforehand to identify the best technique of cutting and extracting the tree out from the ground.

When you schedule a tree removal procedure with us, our arborists are highly trained to work in dangerous conditions and will provide our specialist advice and guidance on how the whole procedure ought to be performed. We are a cheap professional tree extraction service company in Castlebar and we have years of experience removing trees from our customers property. The specialist equipment we use to cut down and extract trees from a property make the job easy and stress-free, you can rest assured the job will be completed to a high-level and we will clean and clear all the organic waste that’s created.

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Local Tree Removal Services When You Need It

Our arborists have been specially trained to carry out procedures in dangerous conditions. Often customers ask the question "Can i remove a tree myself?" Generally, we don't advise removing a tree yourself, because in order to safely cut a tree down yourself and remove it from a garden they would need to have learnt the biology and structure of a tree, paying attention to why trees grow in particular directions.

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Fast Response

As we are a local company in Co.Mayo. We can arrive to any tree care job or gardening project within 24hrs.

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Top Skills

Our local tree doctors are some of the most skilled in the industry. Boasting over 20 years experience.

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Superior Finish

We standby our workmanship and attention to detail, you won't find a better finish on any tree or garden service.

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Being a local tree company means we can keep our rates low and stay competitive as we can arrive to jobs quickly.

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When you schedule in a Castlebar tree removal service you get our professional guidelines and expert suggestions for how the treatment ought to be carried out. The cost to take down a tree with us is really only a small price to pay to guarantee peace of mind and a high-quality job you will be happy with.